How To Get Rid Of Tooth Decay?

Many a times you might have heard your dentist telling you be away from sweets and don’t eat sweets. It’s always experienced that the things that you like the most always damage you. Sweets are not good for your teeth they decays your teeth. The basic reason for tooth decay is sweets and improper hygiene. Dental problems are upsetting problems that keep us irritated and worried. Whenever you get a toothache or inflammation in the gums, you start blaming yourself for not having taken care of your teeth. Brushing your teeth twice a day is very important. You should stay away from food that promotes tooth decay. Tooth decay is generally caused when the dentine is invaded. A cavity takes place which touches the dental pulp which gives rise to necrosis and causes inflammation. This can cause periodontitis and teeth pain. Tooth decay can get severe if left untreated at an early stage of its occurrence. When something like this takes place you have to find dentist or an oral surgeon and do dental implant, teeth cleaning, teeth grinding, etc.

How to stop and avoid tooth decay

There are many precautions that can be taken to stop tooth decay. Brushing teeth twice a day is generally taught to us during school. This is the basic precaution that needs to be taken because the toothpaste that you use to brush teeth contains fluoride. Fluoride has properties to fght tooth decay and kills the bacteria and germs caused in the teeth. Use a proper toothbrush which reaches every corner of your teeth. Floss your teeth and use mouthwashes. You need to make a habit to floss because with flossing all the bacteria and germs that stay on your teeth after eating anything are removed. You will be able to avoid tooth decay. The mouthwash you use should contain fluoride. Visit your dentist regularly to know about the health of your teeth and precautions to keep teeth healthy.

Diet recommendations to avoid tooth decay

Usually dentist recommended patients with tooth decay to have a special diet that include carrots, beetroot and spinach. These three vegetables are very important to increase blood in the body. Dandelion, kohlrabi, and mint gives calcium and gives strength to the bones of the teeth. It gives your body a proper blood flow. If at all your tooth aches you can put a burnt eggplant on the affected area. Keep spices and anise in the mouth on the affected area. Apples and cedrate fruits are recommended t make your teeth shine and have the natural color.

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